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Core Business Competence
People who use cryptocurrency find it pretty difficult to use it as a medium of exchange. Besides, whenever there are transactional delays which amount to a few hours, the amount paid at the time of transfer can be very different to the original value. Indeed, this is a critical issue related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

But with TMB we hope to resolve these issues using our innovative technology. Yes, our transactions system will allow the use of cryptocurrency as payment means in places, where only fiat currencies have prevailed earlier.

In summary:

We resolve the deposit & withdrawal issues related to cryptocurrencies. We resolve the delay of the transactions and make it in one hour. We link all the crypto-user accounts to banking systems via Blockchain technology. The following are the major services that we believe will make crypto-transactions easy and household phenomena:

Wallet users will be able to carry out certain transactions such as payment, transfer and many others via different wallet features. Perform common crypto-transactions such as payment, sending money to family or friends and others in less than one hour using simple gadgets (such mobile phones, tabs, and laptops). Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, TMB will serve as asset warranties for all investors. TMB will partner with financial institutions around the world to bring our services closer to our customers, regardless of where they are.

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